Couples Only Swingers Party

Saturday 10th November 2018, 8pm – 1am


Hi All

This is a private event for couples that would like to meet a other couples and any single ladies that would like to attend. Single males will not be in attendance.

It is a night that includes nibblies, a sit down meal and desert, with mingling throughout the evening.  Coffee, tea, water & soda drinks are also provided throughout the evening.

Come & explore at Jessies Parties, the most experienced hostess, in a welcoming, intimate private setting where newbies & the experienced feel at home. Where your naughty pleasures can become your naughty memories!

Date of the party:  Saturday 10th November 2018
Time of the party: 8pm until 1am
Dress Code: Sexy club wear
Welcome: Single ladies & Couples.

To book in or for further information: Call Jessie on 0414 372 773 (no private numbers)


RULES of the parties 

Here are all of my basic requirements that I still ask that you read through and understand all of the following information before calling me about the parties. (Yes there will be a test!) Please also note that if you are part of a couple, that Jessie must speak to the female of the couple before a booking will be taken.

There is a wide range of parties available to suit everyone.

You must respect that not all that attend a party wish to play.
I will list each party and the requirements of each here.

Who gets in to a party?

Whoever books in first that understands and accepts the rules. Also, payment for the party that you are attending is to be made by bank deposit/transfer before attendance. Receipt details need to be provided before your attendance is guaranteed.

There is no discrimination on a persons age, race, looks etc when someone books in over the phone with me. It is the couples choice at the party who they wish to play with.
Please read this … or you will not get into one of my parties.
All parties are bi tolerant for males and females, even if you dont participate.
Jessies parties are open to anyone that has an open mind about sex and sexuality. Those who attend may be into fetish play, gay, bi, couples, sex, voyeurism & exhibitionism. You may fall into any of those categories.
One of the above things MAY OR MAY NOT happen. You must understand that others that attend the party have the choice to play or watch …the same as you do. OR they also have the chance to simply socialise and connect with like minded individuals.

Simply by attending this party does not guarantee that you will have sex or play or be watching sex. It is the choice of the individuals at the party in question as to what they feel comfortable doing at the time.

The only person at a party that can make something happen is YOU . My role as host is to provide you with a safe and clean environment for play to happen.
You can either mingle and play or socialise & voyeur. Its all your choice.
The safety of the guests (esp. females…sorry guys!) is a priority.

Security is on the premises and provided for every party.
Any issues can be taken to your hostess for immediate resolution.

Beginners/Newbies Welcome..


  • The safety of our guests (esp. females…sorry guys!) is a priority.
  • Any issues can be taken to your hostess for immediate resolution.
  • No DRUNKEN Behaviour
  • No Pressure to Play
  • No Pushy Behaviour
  • No Refunds
  • Be on time, or you will not be admitted entry.

BYO alcohol
To book in or for further information: Call or text Jessie on 0414 372 773

(no private numbers)

or e mail:

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