I keep getting asked what is a Glory Hole Booth and what happens at a glory hole booth event?

So I thought that I would write a little explanation.

Let’s start with a glory hole. What is a glory hole you say? Traditionally its always been a random hole in a wall that is in the shape of a circle that a penis can fit in. So the idea is that a man will put his penis into said hole and be anonymous behind the wall, and that any willing mouth or hand on the other side of the wall can suck on or jerk off the penis. It’s all anonymous and no one can see anyone else.

My Glory Hole Booth continues this theme, but it’s a booth and the person/s inside the booth is anonymous. The booth has been made to sit people comfortably inside it. It’s a booth, with a door and it has 6 glory holes in the 4 walls. You will be told the gender of the person/s inside the booth in the invitation to attend the event, so there will be no surprises.

There is also the ability to anonymously have sex using my glory hole booth. There is a bench that has been built that goes inside the booth and anonymous legs will be in stirrups outside of the booth for easy access. Again, the invitation will state the gender of the person that will be inside the booth, so no surprises.

So they are the 2 options that can happen in the glory hole booth. It just depends on which event that you wish to attend, as to what will happen. It could be the use of the anonymous glory holes, it could be anonymous sex, or it could be both.

Jessie xx

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