Hi All…..Its event time again at JessiesParties

Date: Saturday 21st November 2020

Time: 7pm – 9pm & 9pm – 12am

This is a unique private event that I am organising at the request of a beautiful lady. Please note that the lady will always be inside the booth, so she will be completely anonymous.

There will be some other ladies present.

This event is going to have 2 stages to it.

  1. The lady is going to be inside my Glory Hole booth and she would like to give a handful of men oral sex to completion.
  • Once the first stage has finished, the same lady will still be inside my glory hole booth and would then like to have anonymous sex with a group of men.

This is an event for the gents only. If you think that you would like to attend this event, PM me.

If you would like further information on my Glory Hole Booth, you can have a look at https://fetlife.com/users/10094396/posts/6626721

Pictures of my Glory Hole Booth can be viewed on my profile https://fetlife.com/users/10094396

Speak soon

Jessie x

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