I have a new Glory Hole Booth!

Hi All

I do hope that you are all well considering what is happening around us. I wanted to let you know that I have now got a Glory Hole Booth, which means that I can have some events, just with smaller numbers.


Who likes Glory Hole Booths?

I have an amazing new glory hole booth that is nice and clean, size inclusive and for use in a private home!

and I am looking for:

  • Men of all sexualities
  • And women

To discuss with me the options available in participating in some glory hole events.

Please note: that all events will be held in accordance with all current COVID regulations. Also, at the moment, glory holes have been determined to be the safest sexual activity at the moment during these times.

To attend these events, I also ask that you provide a recent, clear, STI certificate (within two weeks old) If you have any questions, please ask me.

Please send me a message if you would like to attend



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